Lemurs' Park is located on the RN 1, 25km from the center of Antananarivo . The lemur, symbol of the endemic fauna of the Island of Madagascar, is undoubtedly one of the most endearing animals on our planet. 

Lemurs' Park was created with the aim of introducing this surprising animal to as many people as possible, to all enthusiasts, nature lovers and to thus allow, over the years and births, to reintroduce lemurs born in the park into their natural environment.

This area of ​​5 hectares, bordered by the Katsaoka River, currently hosts 7 species of lemurs from different regions of Madagascar, but also other essential representatives of Malagasy fauna and flora. 

From Ar 216,000 per person

>> departure from the hotel at 8:30 am for arrival on site at 10 am
>> guided tour of the park
>> lunch on site
>> tour in the Upper Town of Antananarivo in the afternoon
>> return to the hotel at 5pm

* individual price based on a group of 4 people

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For a perfect logistic organisation, we ask you to confirm the excursion 48 hours in advance.

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