Welcome to the Land of the Ancestors!

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga constitutes an exceptional witness to the civilization which developed in the ‘Hautes Terres Centrales’ in Madagascar between the 15th and 19th centuries and to the cultural and spiritual traditions, the cult of kings and ancestors which were closely associated there. It is associated with strong feelings of national identity, and has maintained its spiritual and sacred character both in ritual practice and the popular imagination for the past 500 years. It remains a place of worship to which pilgrims come from Madagascar and elsewhere.

The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

From Ar 156,000 per person

>> departure from the hotel at 8:30 am for arrival on site at 10:30 am
>> guided tour of the historic site
>> lunch on site
>> tour in the Upper Town of Antananarivo in the afternoon
>> return to the hotel at 5pm

* individual price based on a group of 4 people

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For a perfect logistic organisation, we ask you to confirm the excursion 48 hours in advance.

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